Life of Yui-ichi Inoue : Liberation of Calligraphy


“Life of Yu-ichi Inoue: Liberation of Calligraphy” will present Yu-ichi’s early works, the renowned works he created in the post-WWII era, and the works he made during the last phase of his life.

“Ichimoji-sho” Workshop


Through taking part in this event, participants could understand Inoue’s state of mind and the limitation he had to face when he was creating renowned “Ichimoji-sho”.

Yu-ichi Inoue: A Maverick in Art


This seminar will be conducted by Mr. Kei Takahashi, Technical Director of Kamimori Foundation. From the materials he used to the techniques he employed, Inoue made art in a unique way. In this seminar, Mr. Takahashi will discuss what made Inoue’s art stood out from the works of his contemporaries.

Guided Tours for Groups

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Primary schools, secondary schools, tertiary institutions and universities as well as registered charitable and non-profit-making organisations are welcome to arrange with us for a free guided tour.