Call for Ink Paintings: The Finalists

We’re pleased to announce the finalists of the Exhibition Event: Call for Ink Paintings:

陳鳳儀 Chan Fung Yee < 裸之風景 Naked Landscape >

張偉東 Gary Cheung < 吶喊 >

黎東耀 Stan Lai < 美麗新世界:木Beautiful World: Wood >

趙淑麗 Chiu Suk Lai < 把根留住 >

梁俊賢 Xen Leung  < 夜宵 >

張妙珊 M Cheung < #向早春圖致敬但好大心理壓力#求心理陰影面積 >

葉兆強 Kenneth Ip < 瀾@冥冥 >

張正寧 Oychir Cheung < 大觀園 >

張有法 Cheung Yau Fat < 尋找 >

譚佩玲 Eliza Tam < 衝 >

冼璧賢 Peggy Sin < 迷宮圖Maze >

Unfortunately, some submitted artworks have been disqualified due to their size does not meet the requirements.

We will be uploading 11 finalisted artworks on Facebook page and IG. Please vote LIKE for your favourite works. The works with the most significant number of LIKEs on the two platforms will be selected as “The Most Favourite Artwork of Netizens”. The voting deadline is 23:59, July 26, 2020.

  • Date 16/07/2020 - 26/07/2020
  • Time 16:20 - 23:55
  • Who Should Join Anyone

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