“Ichimoji-sho” Workshop

“Ichimoji-sho (one character)” are works that composed of a single Chinese character. Inoue was famous for creating “Ichimoji-sho (one character)” on large pieces of paper with specially made giant brushes. This event will provide a chance for the participants to create their versions of “Ichimoji-sho (one character)” with similar tools and materials used by Inoue. Through taking part in this event, participants could understand Inoue’s state of mind and the limitation he had to face when he was creating renowned “Ichimoji-sho”.



  • Wear loose comfortable clothing and flats; Please do not wear dresses, skirts or high heel shoes.
  • Please note that this workshop will be opened to participants of the “Yu-ichi Inoue: A Maverick in Art” seminar only. To join this workshop, you must first join the “Yu-ichi Inoue: A Maverick in Art” seminar.
  • Getting to the venue: Access via the shopping arcade escalators through Exit A, Admiralty MTR Station
  • Date 23/03/2019
  • Time 16:15 - 18:00
  • Venue Room 303, Admiralty Centre, HKUSPACE, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong
  • Language English
  • Numbers of people 10
  • Fee Free

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