Exhibition Period : 15/09/2020 - 21/11/2020

Our Gallery is delighted to present the exhibition “INTERTWINED”. The two Hong Kong women artists who invited for collaborating this exhibition came from two different generations and specialised in two different art techniques. Their arts intertwined with Eastern and Western’s techniques and presented by the perspectives of the female.

Jennifer Chow is a Y generation artist who specialises in acrylic and oil paintings. She created a collection of “Sad Cherry” interprets a girls’ sensation from the first party perspective. The artist reflects her internal image into her paintings and confides the dreams and desires through the character of Cherry.

Mitchell Seeyu devoted herself to Chinese ink paintings after retirement. She showcases her recent works in this exhibition which depicting the scenes of Hong Kong where she brought up. She tells a story about the land through her artworks from a third party’s viewpoint.

Interview with Seeyu and Jennifer

Exhibiting Artists

  • posterV2-01
  • Flying to the sky
  • swing
  • Be prepared
  • Lonely Go Around
  • Twins
  • Pricelist Jennifer
  • Tenement House_唐樓讚禮_46x48cm
  • Blue Mountain_青山多嫵媚_71x71cm
  • 家住深水埗_45.5x35
  • 香江歲月_46x35
  • 故城_48.5x48
  • Pricelist Mitchell 2

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