Limitless: i-dArt Exhibition

Exhibition Period : 22/10/2017 - 30/11/2017

This exhibition presents works created by LAM Siu-leung, CHEUNG Ka-cheung, LEUNG Iat-hong, LEUNG Mei-chun and YUNG Cheuk-kwok. They are graduates of a three-year art education programme launched by i-dArt, TWGHs. In 2013, i-dArt, TWGHs collaborated with the Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University, to launch the first three-year art education programme in Hong Kong that is specially designed for persons with different abilities. The objective of this programme is to create an equal opportunity for persons with disabilities to learn the art.

Through the experiences of the five creators, we see the realization of “all human beings possess the innate ability and the right to create and appreciate art”. We hope visitors of this exhibition will enjoy the exhibited works and discover the uniqueness of each creator. Meanwhile, we hope the experiences of the five creators can inspire every one of us to reflect on our own experience with art. At the end of the exhibition, you are encouraged to share your view and experience with other visitors.

We respect your privacy.