The Predicament of Lingnan School of Art: Kenny Mak Solo Exhibition

Exhibition Period : 16/07/2017 - 07/10/2017

The fourth generation artist Kenny Mak, the follower of the third generation master Lo Ching Yuen, who cherishes the unique Hong Kong pop culture and trying to merge Lingnan Art techniques into his paintings to express his passion of Hong Kong. This exhibition covering three main themes of Kenny’s works. The theme of “Hong Kong Local Culture” is the highlights of this exhibition. Each piece of works is closely related to local pop culture. We hope the audiences not only appreciate the art itself but also explore the hidden messages behind every artwork.

About Kenny Mak……

At the very beginning, Kenny self-studied the techniques of Lingnan Art but he met the bottleneck very soon. He understood that he will not have progress without learning from Lingnan Art masters. He admired Lo Ching Yuen for years, thence to quit his job and went to Taiwan to follow master Lo. A few years later, he grasped the basic techniques of Lingnan Art.

In 2014, Kenny depicted a famous Hong Kong dish with the techniques of Lingnan Art. This artwork gained Hong Kong Fine Art Prize which co-organised by the South Korean art museum and Hong Kong art gallery. Kenny was encouraged by this honour and continues his pursuit of art. Thereafter, he staged his solo exhibition in Namsong Art Museum, South Korea. In 2017, Kenny’s painting “Army” has been chosen into Ink Global, which will be exhibited with other 500 world top ink artworks, at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The artist described himself is now completely returning to the art world.

Exhibiting Artists

  • Still Life 靜物
  • Croc 鱷
  • Wheat Field 1 麥田(一)
  • Wheat Field 2 麥田(二)
  • Floating Town 港島綫終點站
  • Continent 陸
  • Chinese Opera 關公很忙
  • CNY 港式合文
  • Canopy 叢
  • Tree Planting 七言絕詩
  • The Lion Rock 獅子山下
  • Mahjong Playing 局
  • Hollow  吉
  • Apex 峰
  • Canyon 峽
  • Keep Hong Kong Clean 保持香港清潔
  • Perspectives 橫嶺側峰
  • Dragon 龍

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