Untitled Group Exhibition

Exhibition Period : 31/07/2018 - 17/11/2018

“Untitled” has two meanings: “an artwork title that is commonly seen in contemporary art” and “a person without a title”. As indicated by its title, artworks showcased in this exhibition are created by contemporary artists who identify themselves as untitled artists and looking for greater exposure for their art.

This group exhibition is the final stage of last year’s open call campaign “The Untitled Artists” which was launched by Our Gallery in August. During the five months application period, we received nearly two hundred applications and found that there is no shortage of potential artists. The selection process without pre-screening applicants’ resumes, but only reviewed their artworks. Ultimately, ten artists were selected into this group exhibition (names are listed in alphabetical order): Armechan, Caine Wong, CyrusNONAME, Ingrid Wong, Jennifer Chow, Lee Ping Sun, Mitchell Hung, Simon Yung, So Kwok Kin, and Wong Wai Kin. The artworks created by these ten artists are different in many ways – in terms of their forms, mediums, contents, styles and ways of presentation. The common similarity of these works somehow reflects the talent and creativity of their creators.

In this exhibition, we’re delighted to introduce a group of talented Hong Kong artists and their outstanding works to the public. They are sensitive to different topics and each of them tries to express their own concerns and thoughts through their arts. We hope that the ten artists’ messages can be delivered to the audiences, strike a chord among them and trigger their imaginations.

Exhibiting Artists

  • Sorry I Will Eat You If Necessary, (No.2)
  • Man In Six Seconds
  • Work Alone 01
  • Work Alone 02
  • Work Alone 03
  • Work Alone 04
  • The Living in the Sea of Dimensions
  • Nightmare Series #2 惡夢系列 #2
  • Nightmare Series #1  惡夢系列#1
  • Dandelion Flower 蒲公英
  • Thinking, Dreaming, Planning 沉思、做夢、計劃
  • When The Butterfly Lands On You 當蝴蝶在你身上停留
  • Sunset at Clock Tower 鐘樓夕照
  • Hennessy Road 軒尼詩道
  • Autumn Mist 香江秋霧
  • Autumn Dusk in Wang Chuan 輞川秋瞑
  • Rocks Emerge When Spring Subsides (No. 4) 水落石出 (No. 4)
  • Rocks Emerge When Spring Subsides (No. 3) 水落石出 (No. 3)
  • 丹霞 (I)
  • 婆娑(I)
  • 覺
  • Copy Copybook
  • Copy Copybook
  • Readme.txt
  • May I have your order, please?  寫嘢呀,唔該!
  • Blake Garden Sheung Wan 上環卜公花園
  • King George V Memorial Park 佐治五世紀公園
  • Stanley Main Street 赤柱大街
  • Untitled 201504-05.001 「無題201504-05.001」
  • Untitled 20150421 「無題20150421」
  • Untitled 20150710-0731「無題20150710-0731」
  • Impression of Hong Kong 香港印象
  • Flying Dreams 夢非夢
  • Shower 驟雨

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