Identity is a hot topic in contemporary society, but when we resort to legal documents, race, value, region or purely personal identity, there will be varying degrees of restriction. The condition that determines our identity is that we face a common history, destiny, and future.

Our Gallery at C C WU Building, Wan Chai is staging an exhibition called “Sense of Identity” from now to 31 August, inviting two artists to explore the topic of “identity” through ink art.  It may be a new attempt to express identity through ink art: it tries to interpret this complex concept while not losing the traditional spirit of ink art.

Shaping identity
One of the participating artists in this exhibition, Simon Yung, took landscape as the starting point and created eight works that traverse the past and the present. Among them, “Moon”, “Roots”, “Sentiment”, and “Aesthetic” represent some of the intrinsic factors, such as bloodline, ethnic group etc. In contrast “Source”, “Glamour”, “Spirit”, and “Identity” represent
acquired factors that affect identities, such as enlightenment, perspectives, and social environment. For artists, ink art is not only the carrier of traditional Chinese culture but also a combination of Western artistic elements (such as perspective, colour, light and shadow, etc.). This group of artworks is trying to reflect the change of Hong Kong people’s identity from the past to the present, under the conflict between Eastern and Western cultures.