Our Gallery: Art fair etiquette rules you should know

Just like the Louver Museum and The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, art fairs require visitors to be careful with the works of art. This includes not touching the artwork, not meddling with the arrangement or talking loudly over the phone, among other things. However, these etiquette rules are not always followed. You’d notice that some art lovers tend to get so overwhelmed with their surroundings that they forget to act decently.

Here at Our Gallery, we will help you navigate through the world of art with sophistication and respect. Take a look at the art fair etiquette rules below:

Put your phone down

When you are attending an art fair, it is best not to use your phone. Don’t spend way too much time taking pictures of every artwork you see because it is much better to appreciate the art when you’re admiring its intricate details on a sensory level.

Also, we advise you to refrain from taking calls. Remember that other visitors prefer having a quiet environment in art exhibits, so turn your phone off for a while so you don’t disrupt other people’s visits. 

Don’t bring a professional camera

Although some art fairs allow visitors to use any camera they prefer, others would not allow you to enter if you bring a professional camera. This is to avoid the artwork from being duplicated and redistributed without the permission of the artist. So, it’s better to just bring a smartphone, especially now that their camera quality can almost compete with DSLRs.

Don’t touch the art

There might be times that you find a work of art so pretty and well-made that you’re tempted to touch it and feel it in your fingertips for a few seconds. However, you’ll be violating the rules of art exhibits if you do so. Do not poke, touch or move an artwork even just an inch since you can permanently damage it, especially if it’s too fragile. 

In some cases, there are art fairs that would allow you to touch the painting. Just always make sure you talk to the organizers or visit the website to check the rules.

Refrain from hogging an artwork

There are some artworks in art fairs that are so captivating you can spend an insane amount of time admiring them. But we highly recommend not to hog the artwork all by yourself! Keep in mind that visitors are looking forward to seeing the art in full view, so it’s better to time yourself so you can give way to others.

Besides, art exhibitions usually showcase hundreds of artists with different styles and themes. You’d miss out on something great if you only focus on one art, so take the time to explore all of them as much as you can.

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