Our Gallery: Biggest myths about being an artist

Ever since art has existed, myths about artists have been around as well. They are seen as perfectionists, masochists and just being a pool of emotional turmoil in their attics while they hold their brushes and paint. Most of the time, some people think that they are willing to suffer for the sake of making something good, of being recognized, of having accolades thrown at their feet.

However, this is not entirely true. They are more than the stereotypes that the world perceives them to be, especially since they differ when it comes to style and range. Not all of them are depressed, and not all of them are snobs. If you want to learn more about the biggest myths about being an artist, continue reading below!

Myth # 1: Artists need to suffer to make great art

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about being an artist. It revolves around the idea that being on the brink of agony and depression will bring out the best in you when making art. For instance, most people believe that Van Gogh being plagued by mental disorders throughout his career greatly contributed to his art, making him one of the most influential artists in history.

But this doesn’t always have to be the case. While it’s true that emotions help people make something out of what they feel, enduring years of suffering and depression does not equate to artistic success. If you truly want to be successful, you have to take care of your well-being as much as you take care of your art.

Myth # 2: Artists are poor

Have you ever heard of the term ‘the starving artist’? You know, those artists you typically see on Hollywood films living in New York, struggling to make ends meet because they could not get paid for their works of art. It is also the stereotype made by non-artist people to convince artists that they can never make money, get rich and buy luxury cars by just selling their paintings and sketching all night.

However, since the rise of technology and the Internet, artists have had bigger opportunities to sell their art. Through the hustle and hard work, they can be recognized, commissioned and get paid with what they deserve. 

Myth # 3: They are discovered

Unfortunately, unless you’re from a filthy rich family, your chances of being recognized are low. Most of the time, artists find it hard to make a name for themselves, much less get awards for the art that they do. This is especially true since the field of arts, whether digital or traditional, is continually growing over the years, making the number of competitors grow even larger.

So, if you want to be famous, you have to put in years of hard work, explore art styles and join art exhibitions at Our Gallery.

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